Promoting the progress of the apostasy, opposing Christ, and helping the antichrist.

This is an insert in my Book The 7th Day Humbling of Mankind – The Beginning of the En of the Age – May 2012 (“Battle of the Isms”; Chapter 19, pp. 121-122)

I will conclude this chapter with Guinness and Elliott’s classic summaries of the “Battle of the Isms” that still rages in our 21st Century world of email, Medicare, high-tech laser surgery, space shuttles, Left Behind novels, and end time delusions:

[The] futurist system of interpreting the prophecies is now held, strange to say, by many Protestants, but it was first invented by the Jesuit Ribera, at the end of the sixteenth century, to relieve the papacy from the terrible stigma cast upon it by the Protestant interpretation. This interpretation was so evidently the true and intended one that the adherents of the Papacy felt its edge must, at any cost, be turned off blunted. If the Papacy were the predicted antichrist, as Protestants asserted, then there was an end to the question, and separation from it was an imperative duty.

…..It is held by many that the historic school of interpretation is represented only by a small modern section of the Church. We shall show that it has existed from the beginning, and includes the larger part of the greatest and best teachers of the church for 1800 years. We shall show that the Fathers of the Church belonged to it, that the confessors, reformers, and martyrs belonged to it, and that it included a vast multitude of erudite expositors of later times. We shall show that all these have held to the central truth that prophecy faithfully mirrors the Church’s history as a whole, and not merely a commencing or closing fragment of that history.

We shall show that the futurist school of interpretation, on the contrary, is chiefly represented by teachers belonging to the Church of Rome; that the Popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests of that apostate Church are all futurists, and that the futurist interpretation is one of the chief pillars of Romanism… 

Is this the position you adopt? Is this the conclusion you defend? Are these the views you advocate? You, a Protestant, and this after all that has been written upon the subject, and all the blaze of light which history and experience have poured upon it? If it is, look that you be not found fighting against the truth, warring against the Word of God, resisting the testimony of the prophetic Spirit; hindering the work of the Reformation, promoting the progress of the apostasy, opposing Christ, and helping the antichrist. (Pp.121-122) – from The Humbling of Mankind Chapter 21 The Antichrist and the antichrists – the 1,700 Year Deception.

The martyrs that have died for and in Christ, the great men who stood alone in courage in speech and action for the Truth, and the men who gave us their legacy to be a Protestant (protester) breaking away from the Power of Rome, and the men who tried to give us Freedom in Christ, even so, after all that, we then put ourselves back into the bondage of the corruption of false teachers: Have the works of the reformists and the martyrs, and the fruits of their spirit been all in vain and wasted upon a generation of people who call themselves Christians, yet fail to read and study the Word of God, or take the time to understand the sacrifices that have been made in history so that we can have religious freedom and truth? As is stated in the above; “You, a Protestant, …. opposing Christ, and helping the antichrist.” I believe we are in the 5th Seal – the Martyrs Cry out to God – How long how long O Lord …. I believe the great falling away of Believers and Saints will be because they have been deceived on the Rapture Pre-tribulation – Jesus says in Matthew 24 ” Immediately after Tribulation the Son of Man … Revelation tells the Martyrs to wait a little longer as more will join them – 6 Seal is about the 144,000 and then who is this mulititude – they came out of the Great Tribulation – 
Revelation also describes the Image in Revelation – the feet and toes of the last kingdoms – 2 – Iron and Mirey Clay – The Beast of the Land, Military Leader and False Prophet, a form of antichrist directing the worship to the Beast of the Sea, the Antichrist, into every country, language, on 7 hills. My faith would waver if I was following man – only because I can see prophesied events in Revelation, Matthew 24, Daniel, Ezekiel become our headlines do I see the signs that the Coming of the Kingdom is near.

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