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ronAt the age of fifty-five, I returned to school to obtain a MS is in Organization and Human Resource Development.  One segment is to access organizations regarding communication for efficiency and effectiveness.   I hold a Certificate in Conflict/Resolution and am a Certified Mediator and Negotiator.  I have always been interested in people and was considering Christian Counseling with obtaining a PhD in Psychology until I visited in length with the Head of Psychology Department who projected a great disparity between Psychology and the Bible. I’d like to think of myself as a problem solver and true Mediator by being able to assess communication of an organization and/or people to then compare what is being said to what is their intent and objective that is the underlining goal or mission. As a Real Estate Broker, I seem to get plenty of experience daily.  Thus for now, my Real Estate Company keeps me very busy with continually “sharpening my saw.”

Prior to first grade (1950-52), we lived on a farm with my mother being the greatest influence in my life. We really had only one book in the house (you have to realize this is the 1950s); The Bible. She read to me the biblical stories of the Old Testament daily. I pretty much was in solitude with only my German Shepherd to explore God’s earth and creatures. The only place we went as a family was Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night to church. I even went every Wednesday morning to Lady’s Bible class with my mother. Thus, the only time I saw children was for brief moments after church. I quickly found being a developed little creature of God’s earth that I could out run and outperform even the older boys. Men after my own heart like David, Samson, and Joseph that I day- dreamed often of – feeling surrounded by God Himself.

corn field

I learned to drive a truck in wheat harvest at 9, becoming my father’s No. 1 row crop cultivator from 12 on. Most of my days were 12 to 13 hour days, seeing the earth alive with green crops and the purest irrigation water on earth on the High Plains of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. There was a well on every 160 acres pumping 800 gallons a minute. Nothing was more invigorating than being hot and thirsty; covered with dust – to lie on my belly to drink from the irrigation ditch – to maybe even taking my boots off and just jumping in, clothes and all. Thus, from one turn row to the other (one mile round), what could you do other than look at the Bluest Skies and watch the afternoon build up with the white clouds of many different shapes  that only caused the imagination to run wild on the vastness of the universe. When thunder clouds came, and lightning flashed, it never crossed my mind that it could strike me. I loved the thunder (thinking it was God talking), and with a little hope and prayer that it would come a down pour so I would not have to work for a couple of days. Nothing was more refreshing than after a rain; crops relishing and dripping with sparkling drops of water along with nature singing. Nothing was more magnificent than the setting Sun shining across the earth and crops after a rain. Nothing I love more than running after a rain – not a mile or two – but I could run 10 miles without tiring – not even realizing it while seeing the earth so alive. Of course, when football started that fall, I was climatized for heat and endurance, running circles around the other little (actually big) lazy city boys. I truly was marching to beat of another drum.

At the age of fifteen (1962) I bought my first new car from $0.75 per hour earnings; I was on top of the world, or so I thought. I received many honors in high school that had more to do with gifts from God than what I had developed. I was always in advanced math beginning in the eighth grade with Algebra I. I had eye sight 2X normal. From Allstate in football, with selections in looks to favorite, I received attention from the world that I did not know existed. This was certainly opposite from home where my father never gave approval with severe beatings from ten years of age forward. Very different than what any of our social circles would have ever perceived. 

This was only the beginning of many, many worse situations as I became a teenager working a man’s job in a demanding industry of beating the clock of the season for harvest. There was no room for mistakes or down time. Of course, I accepted that it was my fault if I generated more work, expense, and delay on the almighty farm. I grew up quickly, and not too much I could not fix, and certainly could outperform most grown men in strength and urgency in completing the job. I learned to be a perfectionist in anything I set my mind to, and certainly did not understand anyone complaining.

I enrolled in Abilene Christian University in the fall of 1965 with intent of playing football, but the last game my senior year, I received a severe knee injury. In replacement, at 19, I won the Region Golden Gloves Light-Heavy Weight Division that qualified me to fight State in Ft. Worth. Soon after, at the age of twenty, I obtained my Black Belt in martial arts. I had many dreams; one was going into the Air Force as a fighter pilot with Vietnam in full swing, etc.

However, I got married at 19, Christmas, mid-term my junior year. Even though, I thought I would never put myself under my father’s submission again, the boom in agriculture of land appreciation, crop yield, and the increasing price on grains was just too enticing. I dropped out of school and went back to the family farm (Of course this was time period America considered Agriculture to be the Backbone of America). In observing my 24 year brother, he was expanding in cattle and land with a net worth of several million already. By 27, I had made my first million of net worth and had the first 4 wheel John Deere Tractor (1973) in Eastern New Mexico – West Texas. We had equipment and vehicles of every kind, plus quite a selection of quarter horses along with running several 1,000 head of cattle. All of this collapsed in the double digits interest era of the eighties.

With my banker’s blessing, and in a full liquidation mode, I returned to Abilene in June 1985 to see the oil industry go from $30 a barrel to $7 the summer of 1986. In a down turn market in Texas, I rose up and became the top commercial agent in Abilene. During the decade of 1986 to 1995 I liquidated properties for FDIC, RTC, and AmWest of Dallas on West Texas improved shopping centers, office, warehouses, apartments, and industrial properties.

I was personal friends with 3 that were in the movie Lonesome Dove. In 1992 when the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl, I went to every home game and set in the second row with family and friends. My friend from 13 was 3rd in command at American Airlines DFW. He invited me to play golf with numerous celebrities that he took care of as Public Relations with AA. I hobnobbed with some pretty notorious businessmen from Texas and around the globe. I soon found I did not want money that bad, as many were amoral cold-blooded wheeler- dealers that would make J. R. Ewing on “Dallas” look naive. All these experiences brought me to great dissatisfaction in life and to the realization in 1999, “Is this all there is in life?”

Even so, breaking from holds of the world (and habits) is very hard thing to do. It was not until 2002 that I made major changes, going back to school to finish my Senior year in college, drilling down in the Bible, searching for Truth, the Secrets of God, and the prophecies that make up 38% of the Word of God. It was then that I realized the 7th Millennium and the unfolding of the unraveling of the Wise, Mighty, and Noble that must take place before Christ’s return. All I can do is thank God and Jesus Christ for sparing my life in a fast lane that was risky and dangerous – and even with all my planning – only God could have delivered me to this moment in time. 

I was looking for Jewish 1st Century gospel believers as I believe the religion was altered years ago – I do believe the first 5 books are the foundation to it all, of course, I accept what the prophets say, and what Jesus and the apostles state. I believe many don’t accept the Genesis account of Creation and even more block The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Waiting on a Child Psychology group in the library 2003 at ACU; I, in boredom, pulled a book on display of Sir Isaac Newton. He laid the ground work for the knowledge to increase. I found his prospective that all knowledge was in the Beginning and had been lost coming down though the generations. Also, horrendous, was his thinking that there was a common denominator linking all things of the Creator. I found this huge since secular man thinks knowledge is out front. Some of his greatest discoveries begin from the Pyramid of Giza using the measurement of God, the cubic. I found it extremely interesting the Altar of God mention in Isaiah 19 in the midst of Egypt, yet on the border. I also found it more than coincidental that Joseph, Moses, and Jesus were all highly influenced from Egypt.  

I found God to be circular rather than linear – there are cycles of 7, 10, 40, 100, 1,000 – decades and centuries – many absolutes and revealing in the Word such as paths in the sea, the ocean circulating in 7 year cycle, God quoted as sitting on the circle of earth 2,700 years before Columbus was trying to sell his belief the earth was round. There is a circle between Adam and birth of Christ, and a projected full circle between Genesis and Revelation.  

Of course; it is why I wrote my book. I begin getting cognitive dissonance in 1999, but did not drill down day and night until 2002. I have written over 2,000 pages since 2002 (under concept of One God, One Son, One Spirit), but did not know how to get a positive response when everything was booming. I did not begin having the feeling of urgency until 2009, and it was not I to bring any kind of judgment on anyone – as this was why I ran from my roots – I had adjusted just fine to the world and believed in living and letting live. However, I did not accept or believe in so many projected beliefs and/or doctrines; concluding someone is on the wrong path. Therefore, I could not find “known men to endorse my book” – and it was exactly why I was writing it – that man corrupts the Word and makes it situational effective for themselves; their power, money, and self-glorification, etc.

Thus, 2 Timothy 2:15 –  “Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” Truth was my only objective – I have never made a penny on any of this – of course I believe the Apostle Paul in saying the message was free, and I wanted to believe bringing the good news to someone – saving their life – soul – covered a multitude of sins – and I had plenty in my rebellion to man and my Creator. I first started out thinking of pen name – then I compared years left to years lived – I had never been a man who lacked for courage – and felt, that’s the point to Jesus, and the Apostles; Truth is worth dying for – if this is what God wants – 1st Death is the reward – I had rather join the martyrs than remain silent on the men of deception and corruption. I just hadn’t realized how huge this was, and how set people are in their culture, accepted truths, and the men they follow.

My book is very broad in scope incorporating World Knowledge in higher education, from Psychology – Scientific Theories – Current and Past Theologies – all having an influence on the shaping of our Worldviews [many purposely and others just merely from the lack of reason and Knowledge  (God Knowledge from the Word that give Absolutes rather correlations from  man)]. There is much from current issues of the arena of our leaders and politics in America and the World since America has led and controlled the World with the strongest military and with the designated currency for trading oil and setting most financial global standards. Even though involvement is not taught as being proper or godly in most Christian churches, how can our leaders of the World be ignored since Jesus warned us of false prophets deceiving even the elect and Revelation warns us of the Antichrist, antichrists, and the beasts – and not to take the Number of the Beast? “The only thing needed for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing,” The Jesuit Priest Futurist Belief teaches looking in the Future for this Antichrist, exact 7 year Tribulation in the future (Gap Theory – 2,000 year gap between the 69th Week and the 70th Week mention in Daniel). All hiding the designated Antichrist pointed out by the great Reformists and Forefathers of America. We were all born in the last days of the False Prophets. What appears to be foundational doctrine of most Christians is not foundational at all, but a developed doctrine within the last 200 years. What does it take to be a True Prophet of God? The basic definition is simply a spoke person for God. How can you be worthy to be a spoke person for God? Be strong in the Inspired Word of God. Anyone who brings you any other Gospel – let him be accursed.

For the first time in the history of the World, events are lining up with Revelation, Matthew 24, Daniel, and Ezekiel. My book could not have been written any other time for validity. You can verify history and Truth with the greatest knowledge increase ever with our Internet. Prophecy can be seen and revealed in World Events. Birth Pains are increasing at a rapid pace, even making it hard for me to believe when most things written in my book were prior to 2012. March 2012 is when I had it ready to pursue the prolonged publishing endeavor. Though the Word, I predicted in 2011 in my book BHO re-election in 2012. I named and tagged Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria even before the horrific conflict and change of regimes. There is disclosure in the first four seals of Revelation of the Military Leader and False Prophet who gives a false hope of peace and safety, the global wars, the global financial crisis, and the global problem of diseases and viruses that are untreatable and unstoppable for mankind even with the great advancement of medicine that hit the mark of our current global condition and predicament.   

I could go on, lol – however, it’s why I wrote a book.  All to say, I would love to have someone who is pure in spirit and understanding to review my book, and give me an honest evaluation.

You might note I do not have references at the end of the chapters. This is intentional. In Psychology, nothing can be written without constant reference to case studies that may or may not be valid or applicable to a specific concept. Most people do not take the time or have the knowledge to question the presentation. Others, in expressing themselves, have many sources referenced that implying that they are incorporating their thoughts or theories from accepted research or theories. It all but makes it next to impossible to discern the original message to distinguish where it supports the immediate message. Once again, there may or may not be support directly validating the content. Therefore, anything I referred to from man, it is right there before someone. Anything I stated, it is coming from my tacit knowledge and my Beliefs.

Anything from the Word of God is stated from our God without Excuse and in its fullness so that it is impossible to alter or context one verse.

We are going into perilous times, a day not since the Beginning as Jesus Christ warns us in Matthew 24. We all have one breath and life to live. We do not have time to gradually get it right. All of mankind’s problems are grown beyond human resolve. Unconditional love and acceptance of all beliefs is not supported by the Word of God. God’s love is conditional as Jesus pointed out in Matthew 7:21-23. If we have any other spirit than the Spirit of God that Jesus received and is passed on to us for our redemption and salvation, we are on the wrong path and Gospel, i.e. “good news.” No man accesses the Father except through the Son who paid the ultimate price for our Salvation and inheritance.  Through the Wisdom of the Cross and Jesus Christ resurrection, we are giving the “Living Hope” of eternal life. If we are born again through Jesus Christ, we can become Sons and Daughters of the Almighty God of the Universe, our Creator. Hallelujah! Praise God – thank you Jesus.   

 In best regards with submitting to God Himself in the name of Jesus Christ,

Ron Harmon

Ron Harmon, MS
TriWest, Realtors

Email:   triwest3@sbcglobal.net
website:  www.triwest3homes.com
Texas Real Estate Broker
TREC Approved Core Investment Instructor
MS – OHRD, ACU ’05
Graduate Certificate in Conflict/Resolution ACU ’05
Certified Negotiator – Certified Mediator

The 7th Day Humbling of Mankind
The Beginning of the End of the Age

Amazon.com Published May 5, 2012


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  1. Ron, just read the “About Me” section and found it so interesting. I would love to write you an e-mail. I don’t know how much room I have here and my e-mail will be longer, I’m sure. Please send me your e-mail address. Mine is LF1939@EMBARQMAIL.COM. Use small letters, but the “L” and the “Q” in embarqmail look like an “I” and a “g”, so it’s easier to use caps so you can distinguish the letters.

    Thanks for referring me to your “About Me” section. It’s very enlightening.
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