Meet Austin Shirley – Walking Across Country for “Wounded Wear”

Meet Austin Shirley and his Siberian Husky Archer who are walking across country for “Wounded Wear” (for our wounded servicemen and women).   DONATE BELOW

Austin and Archer left Jacksonville, Florida on October 9, 2013 on a mission called “Chasing The Sun”. This fundraiser is their way of recognizing those wounded in the line of duty.  Along the way, Austin’s friend Bryan Cochran joined him and Archer as they were passing through Shreveport, Louisiana.

As long as Archer can hold up he will keep walking Shirley said.  Siberian Husky’s are known to survive the coldest temperatures archerand actually love it.  Archer is making a name for himself on his venture to help our wounded heros.

Walking 22 miles a day is their goal and they have received countless support from onlookers. One man was so touched that he donated $10,000 towards their goal.

feetThis winter has brought with it biting temperatures cold enough to cause frost bite and Shirley even admitted that facing the elements has been the hardest part of the adventure. The three are determined to reach San Diego, California where Shirley plans on jumping off a cliff and into the water.

Cheer them on and donate to a most worthy cause. Even if it is $1-$10, it is the least we can do for our soldiers.

To donate, go to: http://www.crowdrise.com/chasingthesun2013/fundraiser/bainarcher 

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