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FAITH, FAMILY & DUCKS – Are You A Duck Dynasty Fan?

From Ron Harmon :  Sounds like the Lord has really blessed this family and they sure don’t mind saying it.  This is a family that frequently breaks bread together and prays together and really, fame has not changed their way of life.  Maybe God knew this and that is the reason that He allowed them to succeed in their duck-calling business.I think the Lord wants America to see that families should stick together and be committed to one another through the toughest of times.  The Robertsons haven’t always been so blessed.  There was a time they ate catfish every night that is, if they caught enough to make a mess.I don’t think it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time but using what talents that God has given one during your journey here.  Duck Dynasty is more than a TV series – it is a call back to nature and to God.

Cable TV’s top-rated reality show, Duck Dynasty, takes viewers into the heart of the Louisiana bayou to catch a glimpse of what goes on in the lives of the Robertson family and their multimillion dollar duck-call business.

 The popular, prime time show goes beyond just showing the funny antics that go on at the Robertsons’ company. The family’s personal faith plays a big role in their lives and on the show every week.

Duck commander Willie Robertson shares his story and what goes on behind-the-scenes of his hit show “Duck Dynasty.”


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