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The Signs of man and God revealed in September 2015

Now as Birth Pains increase in the time of “Jacob’s Troubles,” we are about to see September 11, 2015 that comes on Friday, a time celebration for Islam. September 13, 2015, Sunday (Elul 29, the Day on the Jewish Calender), will be Shemitah Year closing (September 2014 to September 2015) with the Year of Jubilee opening (7 Shemitah Years x 7 = 49 years with the 50th Year being JUBLEE – September 2015 to September 2016). Then, September 28, 2015  will be the tetra moon, the 4th Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacle,

2014 – 2015, years of 4 Blood Moons on Jewish Feast Days that has happened 3 times before – 1492 when the Jews were expelled from Spain, 1948 when Israel was re-established as a Nation, and 1967 when Jerusalem was taken back in the 6 day War. This is projected not to happen again for 400 years, of course that’s man’s theory since we are close to the Return of Christ.

This Jubilee will be the 70th since the Children of Israel went into Canaan, and the 40th since Jesus Christ died on the Cross! Note: 120 Jubilee since Creation (6,000 Years), This is according to the Jewish Creation Calendar.

For the Believers, we have Signs that are billboards in the Heavens! For the Saints, there will be Blessings and Life for those who “Overcome!” And for those who defy, challenge, disregard, and mock God: Judgment and Death!


The 7th Day Humbling of Mankind – December 21, 2012 – The Beginning of the End of the Age

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