Pope Francis: Welcoming refugees “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism”

Pope Francis kisses the foot of a man during the foot-washing ritual at the Castelnuovo di Porto refugees center, some 30km (18, 6 miles) from Rome, Thursday, March 24, 2016. The pontiff washed and kissed the feet of Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu and Catholic refugees Thursday, declaring them children of the same God, in a gesture of welcome and brotherhood at a time when anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment has spiked following the Brussels attacks. (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP)

Pope Francis: Welcoming refugees “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism” SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 10:58 AM BY ROBERT SPENCER “Pope: welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism,” Associated Press, September 17, 2016 (thanks to W.): There have already been jihad terrorists among the refugees (including two of the Paris jihad mass murderers in November 2015), and the […]

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Sochi is the Worst Place for 2014 Olympic Games CIA Officer Says

2014 U.S. Olympic Long Track Trials - Day 5

Terror warnings increase security threat for Sochi Olympics AirTalk | January 21st, 2014, 9:37am New reports of terrorism threats are casting a shadow over the upcoming Winter Olympics that are set to start in Sochi in just a few weeks. A video has surfaced threatening attacks on the games and sightings of “black widow” terrorism suspects have security […]

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Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama Admin?


 Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama Admin? WASHINGTON — Egypt acknowledged the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood by recently labeling it a terrorist organization and banning its activities. In the United States, however, the Brotherhood seems to be alive and kicking. Some of its supporters even hold influential positions in the Obama administration. A provocative statement by […]

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