Are Ministers, Preachers, and Churches helping to hide the Antichrist? Can We change the World with the Elections November 8, 2016?


The Lady in Purple and Scarlet in Revelation is the Beast of the Sea, the Antichrist directed by Satan himself ! The Reformation movement in the 14th to 18th Century was against the only allowed “Church” who stifled education, science, cultures, art, and music; who even went after their own beginning strongly after the Counsel […]

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Dan Bongino’s New Book “Life in the Bubble” – Obama’s Secret Service

Philly 3A.JPG

Former Secret Service Agent Exposes Obama’s Corruption From The Inside Jim Fletcher – January 30, 2014 Just when you think the sewage that is Washington, D.C., has choked out every single person of principle in that town … up pops a person of principle who is still very much with us and very much interested in […]

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The Keystone Pipeline, Unemployment Benefits, and Donald Trump – Key Subjects for Obama’s State of the Union Speech

U.S. President Obama delivers remarks at a reception with U.S. mayors at the White House

Analysis: Politics, legacy loom over Obama decision on Keystone XL pipeline BY JEFF MASON WASHINGTON Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:17am EST (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will lay out an agenda on jobs, the economy and the environment during his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. But he is unlikely to mention the Keystone XL […]

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