Sadie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” Organizes New Duck Dynasty Clubs

‘Duck Dynasty’ Inspires School Prayer Clubs

Reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” is inspiring students to pray in schools across the country,

according to 16-year-old “Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson.

Sadie said students are now forming “Duck Dynasty Clubs” to pray before lunch at schools.

She said it’s an awesome thing for a TV show to be able to bring prayer into schools.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Robertson made the comments at a recent fundraiser
for Prattville Christian Academy.

From B Harmon Contributor:     Wouldn’t this be great if one 16-year-old girl could bring prayer back to our schools!?!  Ironic though…one woman took prayer out of our schools in 1963 and one teenage girl may bring it back.  How awesome is that!

They say that G-d works in mysterious ways and “Duck Dynasty” could be one of those ways.   It seems reasonable to me that G-d would try to tell us in subtle ways that cell phones, technology, fast living and city life are slowly killing the heart and soul of our NORMAL way of life as we’ve always known it.  Our children are being fed so much technology that they seldom know how to communicate anymore.

I think its time to get back to the country, nature and simple living and for some, there are no other choices.  They’ve lost their homes, their vehicles, and most of all, their dreams of a secure future not only for themselves but for their children and their children’s children as well.  We’ve become robots being fed on more lies from the White House and TV shows that suggest that if you have lots of money, sex, and good looks, you belong to the “popular” crowd or in other words – you’re in!

My favorite show is “The Waltons” and “Duck Dynasty” and TBN of course.  If it weren’t for the down to earth lifestyle I see there, I don’t know what I’d do to calm my nerves.  For their lives were filled with “Faith, Family and G-d’s Creatures.  If we don’t get back to at least some of the basics, our children will perish from the lack of faith in G-d,  “Over Digital Mania” and the lack of a Mother and Dad’s love and affection.  Simply said, we are over-educating them in the wrong direction…..

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