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Rising Drug Costs are Robbing the Middle Class Not to Mention the Poor

ATTENTION all who take medications which are mandatory. Please read the following article. Click on the link below:


From Contributor B Harmon?  The middle class is taking a beating when it comes to prescription drugs not to mention the poor.    In 2013 my RX insurance plan paid all but $40 and I was satisfied with that.  Hearing so much about the new Walmart Humana Prescription Plan I switched in December of 2013.  I was proud of myself and especially proud of the lower rate – Wrong!

The Purple Pill

Only just the other day I went to get my Nexium filled at my local Walmart store.  It was the first time for me to use my new Humana plan.  I usually don’t ask how much but for some reason I ask the clerk how much it was.  She said $270.00 and I couldn’t believe it.  I suggested to her that there had to be a mistake but her reply was “no, that is right.  Your insurance refused to pay for it.”  With damage to my esaphagus and severe acute Acid Reflux I couldn’t imagine them refusing to pay for it.  When I consulted with my family physician, she said her husband went to get his Nexium filled and his RX was going to cost $700.00.  She told them to put it back on the shelf and purchased an over the counter anti-acid but I can assure you that Nexum (the purple pill) does work better than all the other RXs on the market.

Insulin for Diabetes is Skyrocketing

One of my friends who is a serious diabetic depends on her life saving insulin of which she has to take high doses several times a day.  She just told me that Humana (the same plan as mine) agreed to pay for her RX but that it was going to cost her $300.00 per mo.  She was devastated to say the least.  Her life has changed drastically in the last year losing her husband and depending on her social security to make ends meet.  After that call to Humana, she is waiting to see if they made a mistake but for now, her prescription is on hold.   Another friend of mine has to have a high dollar medication of which she has been on for several years.  What will happen to her if her prescription costs double or even triple?   These beautiful friends of mine shouldn’t having to live this way after working hard all their lives and for what?

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with H-Pylori and my doctor prescribed the main medication for that .  Once again, when I called to verify that my RX had been filled, I ask, “how much”?  The clerk’s reply was $691.00 and my first thought was here I go again.  After consulting with my pharmacist at Walgreens, he suggested that ALL the pharmaceutical companies are doing this and if you get a high dollar name brand RX, its going to cost you….  My pharmacist told me that this is a trend and all Part D Prescription Plans are following suit.

You May Already Know

A Word of Wisdom to all my elderly friends is:  If you are prescribed a high dollar name brand RX, you should have your physician immediately call your Part D plan and explain to them why you need the higher name brand.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put the phone number in your phone for later reference.  I use my I-phone for just about everything.  I even put my prescription numbers on my note pad.  Making the call may be the difference in you getting the RX that is right for you instead of one that won’t do the job.   Many generics are ok but there are a few name brands out there that simply cannot be beat.  As I said, all of the Part D plans are doing the same thing. NOT JUST HUMANA!

This next article is of the utmost importance and I suggest you read every detail of it so that you will be on top of the latest changes in name brand drugs.  There is also a graph you can use to see for yourself how much your medication has risen in the last year.

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