Oregon Teens Torture Fellow Student – Mimicking the Movie, “Inglorurious Basterds”

This Case Mimicks Scenes from‘Inglourious Basterds’


Police: Oregon teens planned out swastika attack

Four who shot fellow student with a BB gun and carved a swastika into his head mimicked scene from ‘Inglourious Basterds’

BY AP February 22, 2014, 12:17 pm

PORTLAND, Ore. — Authorities say four Oregon teenagers accused of shooting a fellow high school student with a BB gun and carving a swastika into his forehead had spent an evening sketching out ideas for torturing him

According to an affidavit filed Tuesday, the Feb. 10 attack went as planned, until they released the 16-year-old boy to pull cash from an ATM. He fled to a nearby store instead and called police.

The teen told investigators he was lured to the shed by 15-year-old Jenna Montgomery. There, he said 15-year-old Blue Kalmbach shot him with a BB gun and used a box cutter to cut the swastika.

A similar attack was portrayed in the 2009 World War II movie “Inglourious Basterds.”  More>

From B Harmon Contributor:

Would it be fair to suggest that most of the teenagers today have come from broken homes and if not a broken home, a home stricken in poverty.    Parents are so busy trying to survive they forget that their children are begging for direction, guidance and most of all love. This reminds me of the popular show “Duck Dynasty” and how does it go? Faith, Family and Ducks is their motto. I don’t know about the ducks but Faith and Family go hand in hand.

Not in all cases but in a case such as this one, you can be assured  there are problems on the home front. The disturbed teenagers in this case probably do not know the first thing about the Bible, G-d and His Son Jesus. They know they are unhappy but not sure how to remedy the anger and resentment from within.   Their caught in a web of social bull crap and yet they know that, that too is not the answer.    They realize there is something better than what they’ve had but they don’t know how to achieve it.  Simply said, they’ve been deprived of a loving home Christian home where G-d is the foundation and faith is the hope.

And now, we’ve only made the situation worse by allowing adoptions to take place by gay couples.  We’re teaching our youth to believe that wrong is right and that right is wrong.  Denying a child his place in Heaven is without a doubt an unforgivable sin.  Parents without G-d is indeed, the saddest thing that can happen to a child.

Look at “The Waltons”, the TV show that is still loved by millions.  It was the depression and money was tight but tighter still was their love for G-d and His WORD.  Those children were not showered with expensive clothes, cars, I-Phones  and video games but they knew whom they were in the world and whom they believed.  Their focus was not on material possessions but on loving one another.   Prayer was ever-present at every meal and G-d was at the center of it all.  How can a child learn his place in life if he has no teacher?

Ephesians 6:4 – And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


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