Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Returns to A&E – John Hagee’s Sermon on Freedom

This will be a short post but a powerful one for those that like justice in America.  I’m beginning to believe that Americans are making a come back on their constitutional rights on Freedom of Speech.  Below, John Hagee gives a powerful sermon on Christmas and doesn’t hold back his feelings about gays and their hatred for the words “Merry Christmas”.  I just wanted to share this with our readers eve though it was his December 27th sermon – I consider it a sermon that will never be out of date.  By the way, we here at “The 7th Day Return of the Lord” hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!  And now for the video:

Good news for Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.  The A&E Network announced on December 27, 2013 that it will resume filming with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.  Phil had been indefinitely suspended by the network on December 18th for his rather crude remarks concerning homosexuality.  Crude or not, it was what the Bible teaches and for many, not an acceptable way of life.   The bottom line to all of this is that light and darkness do not mix….  I think that I speak for Christians everywhere when I say, “you have a right to your beliefs but we also have the right to worship our G-d as well.

Maybe all of this had to happen for Americans to realize that we still live in a country that was founded on Biblical principles.  Contrary to what some people may think or say, we are still One Nation Under G-d offering liberty and justice for all.






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